How to upgrade your Router firmware manually:

Decide your switch's make and model. This is generally situated on the base of the switch and is a progression of numbers close to the maker's logo. 

Find the redesign. Utilizing a web program, explore to the switch maker's site. Discover the "support" or "downloads" segment and select or enter your switch's model number. 

Download the redesign. After you've chosen your model number, select the connection to download the most recent firmware redesign and spare the record to your desktop. 

Find your IP address (192.168.l.l). Once more, you can discover this in your switch's client manual, or imprinted on the base of the switch itself. 

Get to the web interface. Utilize the default portal number or IP deliver to get to the web interface for your switch. Sort either the portal or IP address into the address bar of your program and hit "Enter." It ought to resemble this: https://<IP address>. 

Redesign. Explore to the firmware redesign alternative inside the web interface (it's generally recorded under "Organization"). When you find this, an exchange box will provoke you to choose the record from an area on your PC. Tap the "Peruse" catch and find the firmware redesign record you beforehand downloaded and spared to your PC. When you have found the record, click "Overhaul" or "Upgrade Firmware" and sit tight for the firmware procedure to finish. You may should be associated with the web by means of Ethernet for this procedure.